Whether you're an amateur or professional photographer, whether you choose traditional, digital or alternative processes, whether you do color or black and white photography, these workshops will be invaluable to you. Why? Because all photography is based on the keen observation of light and compositional relationships within the frame. It is based on the bond between you and your subject matter. And it is based on your creativity in putting it all together to transform the scene in front of your camera to the photograph you show to your audience. The workshops are presented in Europe, in the USA, at Bruce Barnbaum’s home in Washington’s North Cascade Mountains, and other marvelously scenic locations, but the lessons learned apply to all photographic subjects—portraiture, architectural, landscape, and all the others—because of their universal important. These are the things we emphasize. We'll provide all the technical information and support you can ask for in both digital and traditional film processes, while always connecting it to the artistic, expressive and creative aspects of photography.

What type of student do we seek? Bruce and his co-instructors have proven over the years that we can mix students at any and all levels of experience; we can mix students at any and all levels of expertise; we cannot mix students at different levels of enthusiasm! So if your enthusiasm level is high, you'll fit right in! We invite people of any and all sexes, any and all skin colors, hair colors (or none at all) and nationalities, and any religious belief (or none at all). Everyone who has a deep interest in, and enthusiasm for, photography is welcome; nothing else matters. 

Here, below, is a list of our upcoming  workshops in 2019 and into 2020.  All are open to applicants at this time. We hope you can join us for at least one of them. In addition to the time-specific workshops, Bruce offers specialized personal workshops to meet your specific needs. You and Bruce choose the dates and location of the workshop. Please email Bruce directly at or phone him at (360) 691-4105 for more information, and to pursue the personalized workshop further.

We bring in the finest photographers and best instructors, including two great Pacific Northwest photographers, Mark Gardner and Stu Levy; one outstanding European photographer/educator, Alexander Ehhalt of Heidelberg, Germany; and a third American photographer, canyon and Anasazi expert Don Rommes, all of whom have no secrets and will develop a close personal interaction between themselves and you. We present workshops in rich, extremely varied photographic settings. At the close of each workshop, the “pipeline” remains open forever from you, the student, to the instructors. Our interaction can continue indefinitely.

You’ll encounter deeply incisive photographic reviews of all student work, with the goal of taking you to a higher level technically, artistically, and creatively. This cannot be accomplished without genuine enthusiasm, and you’ll find an abundance of it on all workshops. These workshops are never so big that you’ll feel lost in a crowd. Instead we get to know one another.

The workshops are great fun, but they’re also intense, going from early morning to late night each and every day. At the end you'll be tired but exhilarated, you will have learned a tremendous amount, and you will have enjoyed every moment of it.

(NOTE: In the many years I have conducted photography workshops and authored books, I have never turned to Facebook or any of the other social media to spread the word about my workshops or books. Seeing how such social media have been abused by false claims on multiple topics, I see no reason to ever advertise on those social platforms, which have too often been turned into tools of deceit and deception. Unlike Facebook, what you will see and read on this website is factual. I hope to see you at one of these workshops, where you will see—firsthand—the truth behind that claim.)


Download the workshop application to your computer from here: 
Workshop Application.doc  or a PDF version: Workshop Application.PDF

Print it out, fill it in, and send it to:

Photographic Arts Workshops
P.O.Box 1791
Granite Falls, WA 98252

The deposit for each workshop is $150, except the Escalante backpack, which is $250. Final payment is requested 5 weeks prior to the start of the workshop. The deposit is non-refundable. If a workshop is cancelled for any reason, your deposit will be returned in full."


 Upcoming Workshops (2019… and into 2020)


Workshop Director/Instructor


Bruce Barnbaum

Bruce Barnbaum is as widely respected for his photography as he is for his educational and art books. His “Essence of Photography” was awarded the best photo-eduction book of 2015 by German publishers and booksellers. He works traditionally in black and white; digitally in color.


Guest Instructors

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