Specialized Personal Workshops


Specialized Personal Workshops

from 1,000.00

Instructor: Bruce Barnbaum

Any time of the year of your choosing

Any length of time from one day to one week

Workshop Fee:  Starting at $1000/day (for one person)

Amount of Participants:
Amount of Days:
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Top Photograph: Barnbaum - The Pinwheel, Spooky Gulch

Since 2006, Bruce Barnbaum has been offering "on demand," personalized workshops for individual photographers, or up to as many as four photographers per workshop. These personalized workshops are offered again, whether you seek help with digital or traditional approaches. You design your own "personal workshop" with one of the most acclaimed photographers and teachers in the world, as seen by Bruce’s latest edition of his textbook,  “The Art of Photography”, which quickly became the #1 selling photography book on Amazon.com.

Together with Bruce you jointly select the time of year, the location, the length of the workshop, as well as your workshop preference: a field workshop (including instruction in light, composition, proper exposure for film or digital captures,  camera placement for best compositional purposes, relationships of objects within the scene, etc.); traditional darkroom instruction (including printing demonstrations by Bruce, evaluation of your negatives, making of contact proof prints, enlarging your negatives with burning, dodging, multi-contrast printing, selective bleaching, and masking—and hands-on printing by you with with Bruce overseeing you throughout); or help with digital workflows and post-processing approaches, for with color or b&w imagery.

These will be specialized workshops designed by you to meet your specific goals. You can do it as a solo workshop or together with as many as three other participants (let’s face it, beyond 4 participants, it’s no longer “personal”). It can be for as short as a single day, or as long as you want it to be.

The price of the workshop will be determined by the location, duration, and number of participants. For an individual student, the basic price is $1,000/day + Bruce’s expenses. To date, all workshops have been individual, but there can be more than one person, with the benefit being the cost per person drops. Previous workshops have run from 1 to 3 1/2 days, but they can be longer (not shorter).

If there is more than one person for a personalized workshop, the cost per person per day changes as follows:
For 2 participants: $750/day per person.
For 3 participants: $600/day per person.
For 4 participants: $500/day per person. 

Contact Bruce by email, mail, or telephone. Your personalized workshop will be mutually arranged to suit your needs.

Telephone contact: (360) 691-4105
Mail contact: P.O.Box 1791, Granite Falls, WA 98252
E-mail contact: barnbaum@aol.com.