Toscana, Italia...the Landscapes, the Villages, the Ambiance


Toscana, Italia...the Landscapes, the Villages, the Ambiance

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Instructors: Alexander Ehhalt and Bruce Barnbaum

October 6 - 12, 2019

Workshop Fee: $1750

Deposit amount: $250

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Top Photograph -- Barnbaum - Toscana (Tuscany) Farmlands and Villa, Morning

Due to a recent cancellation, this workshop has one remaining opening. Sign up now to join us on a fabulous experience.

The rolling landscapes, the ancient hilltop villages, the morning fog and afternoon sunlight, the incomparable food and wines, all make Toscana an experience of a lifetime. You’ll be taken through this magnificent region by two of the finest photographers and instructors on this planet: Alexander Ehhalt of Heidelberg, Germany, and Bruce Barnbaum, from Washington State, USA. Both are internationally recognized for the stunning photography in both color and black and white, both with traditional film/darkroom and digital approaches. It would be difficult to match better photographic opportunities with instructors ready, willing, and eager to help you at every step along the way.

Barnbaum…Montisi, Dawn, Fog

Barnbaum…Montisi, Dawn, Fog

The workshop is based in the charming, tiny hilltop village of Montisi, located within easy reach of the larger, more famous town of Montalcino, Pienza and Motepulciano, as well as other small villages. Marvelous landscapes surround Montisi in all directions. It’s hard to go wrong in Toscana.

Our hotel in Montisi, La Romita, will charge a very reasonable $80/night (70 Euros), including breakfast. It has received wonderful comments from participants in previous workshops over the past 6 years, and this year should be no different. You can book a room yourself (contact for information about room options, or specify your rooming desire—single or shared room—and we’ll book the room for you).

Photograph Above: Barnbaum…Siena Duomo Geometries

Photograph Above: Barnbaum…Siena Duomo Geometries

The extraordinary city of Siena, with its narrow, dark streets, its stupendous open plaza, and its duomo (cathedral), which was never completed to its original, monumental dimensions, will be the site of another field session, though Siena could be a multi-year project in itself.

In addition to assisting students during our wonderful outdoor field sessions, Alexander and Bruce (together with your fellow students) will thoughtfully review the photographic work of every student. These reviews go well beyond the typical once-over that characterize so many workshops, and they become the heart of your educational experience. This marvelously enjoyable “idea sessions” will open you up to your photographic strengths, and take you to a higher plane of meaningful photography than you thought possible

In addition, both instructors will be showing some of their work, inviting any and all questions about their thinking, their approach and workflow, their materials, and anything else you may wish to know. They have no secrets, and are eager to share their vast store of photographic expertise throughout the workshop. Whether you are engaging in digital approaches or traditional approaches, you will have the answers to your questions from these guys.

Photograph Above: Ehhalt…Toscana Sunset

Photograph Above: Ehhalt…Toscana Sunset

If you have specific questions, please contact Bruce by phone at (360) 691-4105 or by email

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