Astonishing Southeast Utah: From Bears Ears to Monument Valley


Astonishing Southeast Utah: From Bears Ears to Monument Valley

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Instructors: Stu Levy, Mark Gardner and Bruce Barnbaum
October 27 — November 2, 2019
Workshop Fee: $1625
Deposit amount: $250 (non-refundable)
Image: Storm over San Juan River Canyons and Monument Valley

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Photograph Above: Barnbaum…Storm Between San Juan River Canyons and Monument Valley (seen from Muley Point)

Astonishing Southeast Utah: The Plateaus, Canyons, Ancient Ruins and Overlooks

(As of October 1, two spaces are still available for this spectacular workshop.)

There is no landscape on earth as unique, spectacular or varied as that of Southeastern Utah, nor are there any prehistoric ruins anywhere in the United States that compare with those of this remarkable area. Three top photographers and educators—Bruce Barnbaum, Stu Levy and Mark Gardner—will guide you through an array of remarkable locations within this eye-popping landscape, and will help you rise to higher levels of quality photography than you may have dreamed you can reach, whether you practice digital photography or traditional photography. In particular, you’ll find our in-depth reviews of all student work to be unlike any other, opening up insights to you about your own work, and in a manner that is both encouraging and a lot of fun. See how far you can go, remembering that even Ansel Adams and Imogene Cunningham once were beginners before they became the icons they worked so hard to become.

The landscape we’ll be photographing has been molded over millions of years of geological sleight-of-hand which piled layer upon layer of wondrous land forms atop one another. Each layer, from the gloriously colorful to the stupendously powerful, offers a jaw-dropping visual surprise that is not replicated anywhere else on earth. While there are seashores and mountains as great or greater than those within the US, there is nothing elsewhere on this planet to compare with the stunning layer-cake landscape of Southeast Utah. Within this landscape, dramatic Anasazi, and other, prehistoric ruins are scattered…sometimes concentrated…everywhere. Both the landscape itself, and the ruins within it, are now under siege by the reduction in size of the Bears Ears National Monument (reduced by the Trump Administration, previously created by President Obama), a legal issue that currently stands before the courts.

Photograph Above: Barnbaum…Alcove and 16 Window Ruin

Photograph Above: Barnbaum…Alcove and 16 Window Ruin


From the quiet town of Bluff, we will have access to the astounding overviews from theNeedles Overlook, the Anticline Overlook, the dramatic cliffs of Comb Ridge rising above hidden ancient petroglyphs and dinosaur footprints, and from Muley Point (the extraordinary overlook of the bottomless canyons of the San Juan River, and beyond them to Monument Valley). We will have the opportunity to visit the Valley of the Gods, remarkable unnamed natural regions, and Anasazi ruins that tell us the long history of human beings making these remarkable regions their home.

Photograph Above: Barnbaum…Cottonwood Trees, Sunrise, in Valley of the Gods

Photograph Above: Barnbaum…Cottonwood Trees, Sunrise, in Valley of the Gods


We will be visiting, gasping at, and photographing these striking landscapes and hidden ruins during our week together in late October and early November. Indoors we will be reviewing the work of all participants, analyzing it thoroughly, honestly and supportively. We will be viewing and discussing the work of the instructors, asking questions about all aspects of their work, including the methods employed, the materials and equipment used, and the thinking behind the imagery. Instructors have no secrets, are open to discussion of all aspects of their work, and always offer loads of stimulation and encouragement. The in-depth discussions all work shown will serve to advance everyone’s photographic goals, while providing greater understanding and appreciation of the land and its human prehistory.

Barnbaum: Anticline Overview #2

Barnbaum: Anticline Overview #2

Outdoors and indoors, this will be a remarkable, educational and enjoyable week. You’ll have a lot of fun, along with the instructors, who know that little can be learned without enthusiasm, enjoyment, enlightenment and fun. This workshop will offer huge amounts of all four.

Participants and instructors will meet at Jim and Luanne Hook’s Recapture Lodge in Bluff on October 26, at 7 p.m. the night before the workshop begins, for an informal dinner at a nearby restaurant. We ask all participants to arrive in time for the get-together and dinner to begin getting to know one another and the instructors. The workshop begins after breakfast the next day, Sunday, October 27. Lodging at the Recapture Lodge continues through Friday night, November 1, while the workshop ends near midday on Saturday, November 2. Please plan your travels to and from Bluff so that you can be there for the entire workshop. If you fly from a distance, the closest airports are Las Vegas, Nevada, Salt Lake City, Utah, Grand Junction, Colorado, or Albuquerque, New Mexico, but each one requires a long drive to Bluff (yes, this is remote and remarkable country), so please factor needed travel time into your complete travel plans.

Workshop Cost: $1625. A non-refundable deposit of $250 guarantees your spot. Full payment is due 6 weeks before the start of the workshop,

Additional Costs:

  1. Accommodations at Recapture Lodge in Bluff, Utah, at $85/night for a single room.

  2. Food: Approximately $30 - 50/day (plus alcoholic beverages).

  3. Air or vehicular travel from your home to Bluff (and return), plus carpooling to field sites during the workshop.

If you have further questions, please write to Bruce Barnbaum at or phone him at his home (360) 691-4105

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Alternatively, to register by regular mail:
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