The Art of Photography...An Approach to Personal Expression

The Art of Photography 1st Edition Book Front Cover
The Art of Photography 1st Edition Book Front Cover

The Art of Photography...An Approach to Personal Expression

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Announcing a reduced price for remaining copies of the acclaimed 1st edition of:

“The Art of Photography…an Approach to Personal Expression”

Bruce’s acclaimed textbook, The Art of Photography…an Approach to Personal Expression, jointly published by Rocky Nook Publishing Company of Heidelberg, Germany, and Bruce’s Photographic Arts Editions has become the iconic book on expressive photography. Bruce's remaining inventory of this 1st edition will now be offered for just $29.95.


10” x 10” in size, it is 360 pages in length. It has over 150 photographic images, magnificently reproduced in both black and white and color. It contains detailed information on digital approaches to photography and traditional approaches to photography. Its greatest strength is the emphasis on producing personally creative photographs that convey meaning rather than just “capturing” what is before your eyes. It is both a textbook on photography and a magnificently designed and printed photographic art book. (It even lies flat when opened to the page you want). With the release the revised second edition of the book, the remaining 1st edition will sell for just $29.95.



First released in November, 2010, the amazing success of the book required nine reprints, and the book has been translated into five foreign languages.


The prime focus of the book remains squarely on creative, expressive, artistic photography. It is a complete book in its technical information and clear explanations, but it all focuses on putting the technical aspects to use for personally expressive purposes.

Bruce reports it has been a great pleasure choosing the most appropriate images for illustration in writing the book. The illustrations include some of his best known imagery, as well as many new images never previously published or displayed. Book sales and foreign translations prove that this is the textbook (and art book) to include in your library. Many reviews have labeled this book as “essential” for all serious photographers, amateur or professional. 



The book was magnificently printed by Tara TPS Co, Ltd. of Korea. The book can be ordered today, for immediate signing and shipping. Please see below for complete information on ordering your signed book directly from Bruce.

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