Norway: Láhko National Park


Norway: Láhko National Park

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Instructor: Bruce Barnbaum
August 30 - September 3, 2017
Workshop Fee: $1425
Deposit amount (non-refundable): $250
Image: Marble Canyon (Bjørn Joachimsen)

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Norway: Láhko National Park Workshop

Workshop Cost: $1425. A non-refundable deposit of $250 guarantees your spot. Full payment is due 6 weeks before the start of the workshop,

Additional Costs:

  1. Accommodations at nearby Ørnes hotel: Single room: 900 Norwegian Kroner/night = roughly $105/night.
  2. Food: Approximately $60/day (plus alcoholic beverages).
  3. Air travel from your home to Bodø, Norway, then rental car or bus to Láhko N.P., south of Bodø.

The Arctic Circle divides Norway in half at it’s narrowest point, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west and Sweden to the east. Láhko National Park is located right there, with its spectacular marble and limestone formations (karst formations), surrounded by mountain peaks and glaciers. It is here that we will have a five-day workshop with daily outings to this unusual and spectacular landscape in the center of a country that is beautiful wherever you look.

Bruce Barnbaum has been invited by Norwegian photographer Bjørn Joachimsen to present this workshop—all in English because Bruce does not speak Norwegian—for photographers who want to experience a very unique and wonderful landscape. Bruce welcomes those who work with traditional film (as he does) and those who work digitally (as he does). The only requirement is that you must love photography, and you must enjoy doing it.

Bruce has taught numerous workshops in Norway, but this will be his first in the Láhko region. So he will be experiencing the landscape for the first time as most—maybe all—of the students will be. His sense of adventure and exploration, excitement and enthusiasm will rub off on you, but you won’t need his inspiration to ignite yours; the area is sure to engage you from the moment you step into it.

In addition to photographing this remarkable region, we will review all students’ work during our indoor sessions. You will begin to understand more about your work and your goals than you ever thought about before. These sessions will prove to be the most educational part of the workshop. We will also have the opportunity to view Bruce’s work, learn about his thinking, his approach, his materials, and his goals, while plying him with questions about how he accomplishes it. You will see some of his purely traditional black and white images, and some of his digitally produced color imagery. If you’re familiar with Bruce’s most renowned books, “The Art of Photography” and “The Essence of Photography” you already know how and why he has chosen traditional for one and digital for the other. The workshop is a perfect time to delve into his choices…and yours. And it’s a perfect opportunity to refine and expand your photographic vistas. 

If you have any questions, please contact Bruce Barnbaum at his email address of or his home phone at (360-691-4105). 

Bruce Barnbaum is as widely respected for his photography as he is for his educational and art books. His “Essence of Photography” was awarded the best photo-eduction book of 2015 by German publishers and booksellers. He works traditionally in black and white; digitally in color.

To register for this workshop via the website, please pay the full amount ($1425) or the deposit ($250) using your Visa or Mastercard credit card (sorry, no other credit cards). If you register with a deposit, the full payment will be due 6 weeks prior to the workshop.

Alternatively, to register by regular mail:
Download the workshop application to your computer from here: 

Workshop Application.doc  or a PDF version: Workshop Application.PDF

Print it out, fill it in, and send it to:

Photographic Arts Workshops
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