The Essence of Photography: Seeing and Creativity


The Essence of Photography: Seeing and Creativity


The Essence of Photography won the German Photo book award for best educational book!

Released by Rocky Nook, this new and unique book centers on how you can become more creative as a photographer.

An essential book for your library and your photographic improvement, it will improve your skills of seeing and of producing new, different, and high quality work with lasting meaning. This book is a fabulous follow-up to Bruce’s highly acclaimed textbook, “The Art of Photography.”

Bruce’s newest book can be a great gift for yourself or for any friend you have who is interested in photography. You can order now directly from Bruce to get a signed copy of the book as soon as it is available. See the box to your left for details.

Bruce Barnbaum's The Essence of Photography draws on Bruce’s decades of experience in producing his own personal work, his years of producing commercial work, and his decades of teaching workshops to give you insights into how to produce a creative mindset ending up in producing truly good photographs. Picking up a camera and shooting does not make you a photographer any more than picking up a pencil and writing makes you a writer. You have to work at both, and this book helps you do it with photography.

When you say you “have a good eye” do you mean that you can recognize a beautiful scene (which virtually anyone can do), or do you mean you recognize exceptionally good lighting, good relationships of forms within the scene, particularly advantageous conditions, and so many other imponderables that can make a photograph something special? Do you recognize the difference between the scene in front of your eye and camera, and the image you can produce, using the scene as a starting point for your expression? This book explains the differences, and tells you how to go beyond “capturing the scene” to making your statement about how you feel about the scene.

The book contains eight chapters filled with great insights, and illustrated with over 100 photographs in color and black and white, mostly by Bruce, but also by other photographers Bruce has known as mentors, co-instructors, colleagues, and students. There is nothing superficial about this book. After digesting it, there will be nothing superficial about your photography.

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