Plateaus and Canyons: Impressions of the American Southwest


Plateaus and Canyons: Impressions of the American Southwest


Bruce’s first all-color photography book

Plateaus and Canyons, published by Rocky Nook in 2011 (the publisher of “Art of Photography” in 2010) is 10 x 10” in size, contains 95 magnificently reproduced color images of the Utah/Arizona canyon and plateau country, begins with a foreword by Jay Dusard, and has additional essays by Bruce. The book is divided into three sections:

The Plateaus contain thirty one images—all on the right side page—each with a caption or short story—all on the facing left side page—depicting the remarkable variety, colors, and surprises in the open areas of the landscape. 

The Canyons contain thirty images and captions or short stories (again, with the same right page/left page format), from the grandest of all canyons—the Grand Canyon—to smaller but, in many ways, equally awesome canyons throughout the region, photographed under a variety of lighting and weather conditions over a period of 37 years.


The Slit Canyons contain the final thirty four images on the right side page, also with captions and interesting short stories to the left. Bruce is well-known for his black and white slit canyon images; now you can see how he envisioned them in color...a vastly different interpretation.

The book closes with Bruce’s Epilogue, a history of his experiences and interactions with the slit canyons, and the people of the Navajo Nation, upon whose land so many of them are located. 

Plateaus and Canyons will be a wonderful addition to your own library. It’s also a great bargain at the announced retail price, and a thoughtful gift to yourself or a friend. To order your personally autographed copy from Bruce, see the column to the left for information.

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