Photography PORTFOLIOS

Bruce Barnbaum's photographic interests are extremely varied, but the elements common to all of them are strong compositions based on an exceptional understanding of light, line, forms, and relationships, plus an intense relationship between himself and the subject matter he photographs. Bruce has a compassion for—and love of—the land that he has carried with him for more than 40 years in his photography. His lifelong fascination with the forces of nature that led him to two degrees in mathematics and physics has carried over into his photography, where he has visually "used" elements of the natural world to express his thoughts about the forces in nature, from the gravitational and electro-magnetic forces of the cosmic scale, to the strong and weak forces of the sub-atomic scale. Beyond that he finds in the works of humanity examples of what we are capable of achieving at our best, where he sees both musical and mathematical elements of surpassing grace and beauty, a far cry from what we so often see humanity engaging in on the 6 o'clock news.

All photographs are available as Silver Gelatin Prints signed on mount board at lower right, dated on lower left. All printed by the photographer.

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